The Real Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Any Scholarships

Many students I’ve come across have told me how they often struggle with getting scholarships or any other form of monetary merit awards. I have come up with a number of items that I believe contributes significantly to your chances of winning scholarships. To make one thing clear, you should not invest all of your time in one activity, practice, trade, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it. By this, I am simply saying that you should be well rounded or involved in multiple disciplines rather than just one. Although, you must remember that quality is still better than quantity, so rather than getting involved in several activities— choose a few that you can actually put your best effort into. I can surely tell you that scholarship donors can distinguish between students who are trying to bluff their applications with their “surplus of involvements” and students who have made meaningful contributions to the few organizations they have decided to be part of. Anyhow, here is my receipe for formulating a succsssful scholarship application:


Many students may get confused about the number of clubs, programs, or organizations they should be in. There is not a quota but I believe having at least two commitments is something that everyone should aim for. Students should make contributions and impacts rather than just being part of something. Your potential scholarship donor doesn’t care to know that you simply attended the Robotics Club every Monday at 5 pm , but they want to know how Robotics Club impacted you or better yet, how you used what you learned in Robotics Club to help someone else or make contributions. Please folks, remember that quality is always better than quantity !


Community service is frequently brought up by college recruiters and scholarship donors in their conversations with students. Yes, the value of community service is mainly to the advantage of those on the receiving end, but it has also been found to help the giver much more in some cases! Extending personal service is an important contribution that I believe everyone, let alone a student, should make to their communities ! It does look good on a resume, but community outreach also tells those inquiring that you should be invested in because you will continue to pay it forward.

3. READ .. READ .. READ!!!

In other cases, students who have their toolboxes full of accolades and other glorious achievements may NOT be getting the scholarships they deserve, because they cannot effectively communicate the work they have done. This is why I believe students need to spend more time reading because they lack the writing skills that can give them that extra boost on a scholarship application. Your vocabulary is something that you should continuously be working on. There are several ways to go about this, but the best way is that you can read lots of books! Books provide awesome stories, more knowledge, various forms of syntax, and can improve your diction (that is your vocabulary!!!)! I am not saying that you should be reading 15 books every month, but you need to still read!!

I hope you decide to make these few changes and see how they can potentially be the breakthrough from your unsuccessful trials.

I wish you the best of luck.

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