Why Spoolu is on the Track to Oust its College Textbook Competitors!


Spoolu, a new up and running textbook platform is on the verge of greatness. Much like other competitors such as Chegg and Amazon, the platform will allow users to buy, sell, rent, and trade college textbooks. In contrast, Spoolu finds its differentiation in the aspect that users can contact (and physically meet with) other users from their home institution or at other surrounding universities/colleges. Users can enter their ideal location(s) for exchange along with their textbook posting, which ends the terrible feeling of finding a fairly priced product that has an outrageous shipping fee. For such an amazing platform, Spoolu even offers all its services for — FREE! If you are seeking textbooks, or looking for some extra CASH, go an open up an account with Spoolu today !

Personally, I really value the fact that Spoolu has recognized that the textbook market shouldn’t be placed in the hands of third-party persons, but rather into the hands of the students who need them! As a student, why should you search for textbooks elsewhere, when their are tons of students on YOUR campus who have previously taken your classes and who most likely have a copy of the textbook you need!

Find out more about Spoolu at https://spoolu.com ! And be sure to check out Spoolu’s Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/spoolu.official/

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